Intensity! Parent Discussion Group




The March discussion will focus on the impact of the intensity of highly capable/gifted people – adults and children – on the family, relationships, learning, and life in general. With gun violence, environmental, social, political and other uncertainties, many children adolescents (and some adults too) are feeling uneasy, threatened, fear and anxiety. While many people have these concerns and fears, among those families of highly capable/gifted people they are more INTENSE! At this discussion group we’ll explore the ways in which intensity impacts the individual and family, share strategies and resources to improve our ability to recognize and manage the impact of intensity.


A prior participant said this about the benefit of the discussion group: “You don't want to miss this opportunity to join our community in learning how to deepen and broaden your experience with your child and yourself. Barbara Mitchell Hutton is a master, full of insight and wisdom from years of working on the leading edge of gifted education.”


Advance registration is not necessary but is helpful for planning. To register or if you have questions please email Barbara at