While the middle school years are a mere, but powerful, three years, being part of the NOVA Middle School community is a lifelong tapestry of connections. Those connections are bolstered by common experiences within the NOVA years, and also by a common spirit of learning, acceptance, and joy.

Many of our faculty members have been at NOVA for 10-15 years and even longer. As we have attracted new faculty, NOVA has been infused with new energy, experiences, and areas of expertise. Our Board of Trustees includes members from the South Sound area and parents from many different NOVA classes, providing organizational leadership with a breadth of expertise and depth of experience. 

Our alumni are welcoming to new NOVA graduates as they move forward in their lives. Alumni serve as a resource through the high school transition, often making connections on college campuses together and even connecting more broadly in professional and global experiences in adulthood. Alumni also return with excitement, sometimes during a half-day at high school and sometimes during a school break or between phases as their paths into adulthood unfold.

The full NOVA experience is designed around life-long relationships.