Alumni Spotlight: Owen Timms '15

Owen Timms '19 is currently a freshman at George Washington University. A member of the varsity sailing team, he recently qualified for the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA) Singlehanded Championship. Learn more about Owen's sailing success at

Owen Timms

How long have you been sailing?
I have been sailing for all my life, but started racing when I was 11.

Why did you choose to go to George Washington?
I really loved D.C. when I visited and George Washington had a great combination of academics and athletics. I am a varsity athlete at the school, so I get a lot of great benefits.

What's your major?
Biology, but I am in the process of switching to Public Health. I am not totally set on a career, but Public Health will give me lots of opportunities.

What's a favorite memory from NOVA?
The 8th grade trip. It was a great way to end the whole experience.

How do you think your NOVA experience prepared you for life after middle school?
NOVA was a great preparation for high school and college, not only academically, but it really changed me as a person. I was able to grow and become who I am today because of the welcoming community at NOVA.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into sailing?
I recommend taking a sailing camp at the Olympia Yacht Club, where I work in the summer. If you enjoy it, there is an easy system for you to eventually join the team if you want to!