Volunteering at NOVA

Current Families

Over the years, our families have logged thousands of hours of service time in a wide variety of projects — all activities that the school has truly needed, and that our budget and energies could not otherwise provide. School Service hours add depth and breadth to the offerings that NOVA can provide for our students. Parental efforts support the energies of the faculty and staff, and enable them to keep their focus on the quality of our educational program. Volunteering also gives your family a way to become more fully connected in the school community, and helps your child see your own commitment to quality education.

As part of your student’s contract, each family is required to fulfill 20 volunteer service hours per year. Before volunteering at NOVA, all parents must complete the 2019-2020 online volunteer form.

If you have any questions or would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact parent Amy Rowley, who is serving as our Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteersatnova@gmail.com or 206.498.7444.

In order to connect you with volunteer opportunities that are right for you and your family, complete our volunteer survey by September 2. Just by completing it, you'll earn one hour of volunteer credit!