Passionate and Collaborative 

Our teachers are passionate about their classes. Each one of them is a lifelong learner who has already achieved expertise in their core subject area, and also continues to grow. Our students respond well to teachers whose interest in their subject area is genuine, and whose knowledge base is deep. In this way, teachers and students learn and explore the content side by side.  


We differentiate because students have different areas of strength. It is our responsibility to help a student develop from where they are, and to challenge them in ways that are meaningful to them individually. This differentiation is sometimes through varied degrees of challenge in their work; at other times, it is through being responsive to students' particular sensitivities and needs.   


Our core classes engage the whole student. Class activities range from discussion to focused work time, to creative group challenges and flipped classrooms, to movie-making and presentations. These experiences help students become confident in applying their imaginations and their unique creative talents to their thinking about academic subjects and lay the groundwork for critical thinking and problem-solving. 


The vast majority of our students arrive to us from public elementary schools and go on to public high schools. We own the responsibility to align with that sequencing, and maintain awareness of the changing landscape of standards and testing implemented in public K-12 education. We ensure that our students are exceptionally well prepared for high school and beyond.