Why Middle School Only?

We have the same simple goal as every parent: we aim to see our students thrive during middle school and beyond.

The middle school years are a dynamic time of change — socially and intellectually, as well as in the development of independence and clarity around identity. These changes that we can observe externally are also happening in a young person's brain development. Habits set during these years impact the habits that graduates will work with — and from — over the course of their lives. Therefore, a focus on these pivotal years makes real sense.

We make it a priority to understand human development between 11 and 14 years of age, as well as the changing cultural context in which our students are growing up and the unique needs of highly capable students. We model lifelong learning as we work to improve our program year after year.

A certain lightheartedness is required to meet middle school students where they are, and a certain compassion is necessary for the partnership between students and teachers. We know what it means to create an environment where students work hard and find joy in the work; where they are intentional about connecting and empathizing with others and stretch themselves to do so; where they make mistakes and earn the wisdom that making mistakes is simply part of the process; and where striving to do your best is a norm within which we can all thrive.