About NOVA


The sound of a middle school reveals a lot about the heart of the community. At NOVA, you will hear the sound of laughter next to the debate of big ideas. Teachers and students pose questions, working together in a moment of learning. There are voices singing, bands and orchestras playing, and thespians rehearsing their lines. Excitement builds as students chat about nearly two dozen enrichment options for the upcoming trimester. Conversations form deep friendships, and young people reach out to teachers and other adults as they grapple with the challenges of growing into adolescence and beyond. It is vibrant. It is safe. It is joyful. 

Highly Capable

Highly capable learners have unique learning needs including depth, complexity, pace, and authenticity. NOVA provides a full-time, comprehensive environment to support the students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The program is research-based, incorporating both accumulated knowledge and emerging understanding of highly capable learners. We place a priority on professional development reflecting NOVA’s commitment and focus on our students. 

Small School

The small school environment allows students to be known — by their classmates, by their teachers, and by the administration. In this intimate setting, we form meaningful relationships and are able to better respond to one another in ways that can make a difference.

Ample Choice

Agency matters tremendously to people, and middle schoolers are not an exception. They thrive on making choices for themselves. They gain confidence from their emerging capacity to be responsible for their choices and their learning, and from taking advantage of a wide range of opportunities for exploration.

High Expectations

A community full of people striving to do their best is a community of high expectations. Here, students strive alongside their peers because learning itself is invigorating. Our students learn to manage their studies so they enter high school with drive but also with self-awareness and an understanding of balance. They optimize the opportunity to establish habits that will serve them in personal and academic endeavors for the rest of their lives.