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Beth Shera



"Who wouldn't love teaching students the classes they *choose* to take?! Students arrive in enrichment classes with a vested interest, and I assume the role of facilitator. They are given choices, and they are able to take ownership of their learning. I allow them to work at their own level and pace while encouraging them to challenge themselves, branch out, and explore their own paths. It's all about maintaining engagement and promoting lifelong learning!"

Fun Fact #1 — I love traveling to new places and meeting new people!

Fun Fact #2 — I have climbed Mt. Kenya and trekked in Chile and Nepal.

Fun Fact #3 — I love going to see live music with friends, but sitting around a fire in the backyard is one of my faves too!

I choose to work at NOVA because we have the best students, families, faculty, and administration in the whole wide world!

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