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Heather Guz

6th Grade Earth & Space Science


"I believe that teaching is about cultivating a love of learning and encouraging students to be curious and find their passions.  I love the Earth and Space sciences because you get to dive into so many of the different patterns and interconnections that exist all around us."

Fun Fact #1 — I love art and creating things: doodling, painting, pottery, sculpting, crafting, baking, writing, gardening, and more!

Fun Fact #2 — I have 3 kiddos—a 7th grader (and current NOVA student), a 4th grader, and a 2nd grader

Fun Fact #3 — I have a dog and 3 chickens.

I choose to work at NOVA because it is such a supportive community where students have the opportunity to be their authentic selves.  Middle school is an incredibly transformational time, and NOVA gives students a safe place to build a solid foundation to launch into their futures (all while having fun and being challenged!).  I feel incredibly lucky to work here!

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