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Jeff Olfson

Pre-Algebra, Algebra


"I love using mathematics as a lens to learn about the world and to solve problems. Whenever I can I like to teach math as a way to explore new possibilities. Even when we are studying well-known, established algorithms, we can do so in ways that teach us how and why they work, rather than simply memorizing them so we can move on."

Fun Fact #1 — I like to think I'm pretty good at crossword puzzles.

Fun Fact #2 — I was in the University of Oregon Marching Band in college: 2 years on the sousaphone and 2 on baritone.

Fun Fact #3 — I can't always taste the difference, but when I can, my favorite coffees come from Africa.

I choose to work at NOVA because I am passionate about giving every student the education that they deserve, and NOVA does a beautiful job with gifted students. Plus, the middle school years are so important for a person's development.

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