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Sam Golliet

Geometry, NOVA Tech


"Middle school is my absolute favorite age to teach! These kids are just so zany, fun, sensitive, quirky, thoughtful and everything in between, just like me. NOVA is a safe place for all of us to be genuine selves and I have deep gratitude for this."

Fun Fact #1 — I love all things snow! Snowboarding, snowshoeing, making a snow-fort, cooking while looking out the window to see snow falling, and sharing my love of snow with my family.

Fun Fact #2 — I have always loved athletics, especially softball, basketball, tennis, rowing, and working out with people.

Fun Fact #3 — My spirit animal is a deer.

I choose to work at NOVA because it's a place where core values are alive. Commitment, intention, connection, and joy are not just words on a website or piece of paper. They live and breathe throughout the halls as we navigate life together.

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