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Tiffany Price

Head of School


"I love working with highly capable students and making sure that they are finding their tribe of like-minded peers. Similarly, I want our parents to find a community of people who understand their kid and how they think and operate. While no highly capable student is the same, there are similar characteristics that make having the knowledge of working with them invaluable. Our faculty and staff have that knowledge and work tirelessly to help all of our students thrive."

Fun Fact #1 — I love going on long walks, going to the farmers' market, reading, and playing games with my family.

Fun Fact #2 — I want to open a bakery!

Fun Fact #3 — My favorite quote is from Art Williams: "I am not telling you it is going to be easy, I am telling you it going to be worth it."

I choose to work at NOVA because the community at NOVA is superb. The faculty and staff are dedicated to making sure kids don't get lost in middle school and that they are challenged in ways that expand their minds and hearts. The students are incredibly welcoming and genuinely care about each other. NOVA is small by design, which allows every adult to know every student in a way that shows their care and desire to see our kids succeed. There is no place better.

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