Twice Exceptionality or 2E


Human development is complex. Some of the families that seek out our school do so because their child has faced challenges within their previous schooling experiences. Sometimes, these challenges are around the need for a more deeply engaging or challenging learning environment. There are also students whose challenges in the classroom are further complicated by being twice exceptional. This distinction is used to denote the presence of multiple exceptionalities.

At NOVA, we recognize the frequent concurrence of high capability/giftedness and learning differences. While our context has its limits, we work hard to help families understand and navigate appropriate accommodations when a student is twice exceptional. Sometimes we recognize characteristics and behaviors that may be indicators of an undiagnosed challenge and will request a professional assessment. Research and resources for twice exceptionality, originally named in the 1990s, continue to emerge and, along with our years of work with this student population, inform our practices.