Our Mission

Fostering the joyful pursuit of intellectual, social, and emotional expansion through a challenging curriculum that nourishes highly capable students to develop identity, self-empowerment, and community.

Our Vision

Inspiring lifelong learning for a more compassionate, engaged world.

Our Values


We embrace the power of care, compassion, and relationships.

  • Valuing individuality, diversity, and shared experiences.
  • Fostering self-awareness, community, and a global perspective.
  • Cultivating social and emotional health through a safe and supportive environment


We are passionately devoted to our work.

  • Nurturing a sense of responsibility, personal investment, and ownership of learning.
  • Engaging fully in our interactions and with our content


We design experiences based on expertise and reflection.

  • Utilizing emerging best practices for highly capable early adolescents.
  • Maximizing opportunities for students to deeply explore content.
  • Practicing communication that is clear, direct, consistent, and timely.


We celebrate and delight in learning and discovery.

  • Inspiring curiosity and growth.
  • Linking intellectual challenge to satisfaction, purpose, and joy.

Diversity & Inclusion

The NOVA School Association believes that every person has the right to educational and workplace surroundings that are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination. It is the NOVA School Association’s policy that no person will be subjected to unlawful discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or any other basis prohibited by law. NOVA School’s non-discrimination policy applies to all facets of its administration. The Board adopted the following statement that deepens the expectations for the NOVA Middle School culture and establishes an overarching theme of commitment to diversity for NOVA Middle School as an organization.

"The complex, interconnected global environment in which NOVA students will live as adults requires that NOVA Middle School provide a community in which a wide range of views, life experience, cultural backgrounds, ethical, economic, ethnic, religious and political views are evident and honored. NOVA students have an opportunity to develop a range of communication skills that will contribute to greater understanding of a diverse and changing world.”

These two statements together describe the commitment to diversity held by NOVA Middle School. Our work to operationalize this commitment is ongoing.

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