Student Experience 

Like other aspects of our program, student experiences are designed to be responsive to changing times and offer the opportunity to experience our core values of connection, commitment, intention, and joy.  

Team sports offer a unique and fun way to build confidence, and we believe every student should have the opportunity to reap these benefits.  

NOVA's sports teams are inclusive and fun, offering all students the opportunity to try out new sports, build their skills, and enjoy competing. Recent offerings include basketball, volleyball, and cross country. Many of our offerings are facilitated in partnership with South Sound YMCA. 

After school time allows for students to explore their interests in a more relaxed setting.  

  • Our after-school clubs are different every year, based on student interests and initiative.  

  • Students have the opportunity to start or initiate clubs.

  • Adventure Club, hosted by our Advanced Class Science teacher, offers added time for hands-on projects and experimentation. 

Middle school students are prepared to grow from leadership opportunities in the classrooms of younger students. 

We partner with Madison Elementary School and Roosevelt Elementary School to bring eighth grade students into elementary classrooms as weekly assistants to teachers.  

Our teaching and learning are only complete if they are connected to the world beyond our school. 

Our school year begins and ends with an expedition.

  • In the fall, we take the opportunity for all teachers and students to share a bonding experience at Camp Colman, a longstanding tradition filled with group and individual challenges, a bit of silly fun, and connection.
  • In the spring, 8th graders celebrate all that they have accomplished together with a trip to the San Juan Islands, while the 6th and 7th graders spend time setting intentions for the following school year and enjoying Portland or Port Townsend in alternating years.

While these trips punctuate our school year, we also integrate various ways to connect with our greater community throughout the year.   

Students' lives and learning are enriched through the development of their musicianship. 

NOVA offers orchestra, jazz band, and choir regularly, with other classes such as songwriting, music history, and audio/visual club meeting as classes in our Enrichment program. Students perform in concerts, community events, and at school occasions throughout the year. 

Participating in theatrical productions provides an opportunity for the development of confidence, creativity, friendship, and meaningful accomplishment. 

Our Enrichment program offers multiple courses including the very popular Improv class. In the winter, students rehearse, produce, and put on one play each year in an after-school program. Recent plays have included musicals, one-act plays, and longer dramas, as well as a comedy! 

Our school community breaks from routine in a week of novelty and a thematic common experience: with a different schedule, different roles for teachers, and different activities! 

Our longstanding tradition of a Winterim week changes every year, but always incorporates experiential learning, community members, parents, and fun.