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Jason Gacek

6th Grade Language Arts, Geography


"Teaching Language Arts and Geography affords me the opportunity to foster student expression in a variety of mediums. I am always so impressed with how wise and insightful young people are. I'm in my 23rd year of teaching and I'm still constantly learning new things about our world right along with my students."

Fun Fact #1 — I am a lifelong baseball card collector. My collection includes cards from all eras of baseball, including tobacco and candy cards dating back to 1911 and classic Topps and Bowman cards from the 1950s.

Fun Fact #2 — I am a kombucha connoisseur.

Fun Fact #3 — I am a film and tv buff and have logged every movie and series I have seen since 1999.

I choose to work at NOVA because the work I do here reverberates throughout our building into our wider community and into our wider world.

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