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Linda "Mo" Manning

6th Grade Math, PE


"I was hired at NOVA to teach P.E. which made sense because I am interested in (almost) all sports and want to make P.E. fun and accessible for everyone. Then math was added to my job which made less sense because it was not in my top list of subjects to teach, so I decided to make it fun and accessible for everyone as well! Now, after 20+ years, I love the combination of getting to stimulate academic brains with a creative match curriculum then later see them trying to punch a big, red ball over a net in a unique P.E. space. Teamwork, good sportsmanship, and participation are key requirements in all areas of growth; it's extremely rewarding to see it all come together for my students."

Fun Fact #1 — My favorite hobbies are gardening, watching soccer, and playing Zelda games.

Fun Fact #2 — My dad was an architect and I grew up watching him create living spaces for people that weren't just houses. I have a passion for old buildings, remodeling (including my own home), and creating my own do-it-yourself projects that restore that sense of history.

Fun Fact #3 — I currently have 11 chickens, the majority of whom are named after NOVA students!

I choose to work at NOVA because everyone at NOVA is part of our community: every adult is invested, every decision is for the common good, and every student is respected for who they are. NOVA cares about the whole person first and exists to help students grow in all aspects of social, emotional, and academic growth. Middle school is a time when students are figuring out who they are and how to gain independence, speak up for themselves, and build confidence that propels them into their future. I love to believe I make a difference and am a part of that exciting transition.

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