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Nicolina Miller

Marketing & Development Manager


"A large part of my job is moving through the school taking pictures of students in class, or while interacting with their peers, and when simply having fun throughout their day. The energy that comes with working in a middle school can't be beat and I feel lucky that I get to work in this environment and do all I can to help the students already here and help new families discover NOVA and all that we do."

Fun Fact #1 — I'm from the East Coast and drove out to the PNW in a Cooper Mini with two cats on a 2-week road trip.

Fun Fact #2 — I love reading! I go frequently to the library and local bookstores to keep myself in stacks of books.

Fun Fact #3 — I went to Space Camp!

I choose to work at NOVA because of the vibrant atmosphere, the inspiring faculty, and the enthusiastic students that really want to be at school and can amaze me daily.

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