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Ted Chamberlain

Orchestra, Vocals


"Teaching choir/vocal music, and orchestra/string music is a joy and a privilege for me. It's not just about hitting the right notes or playing the perfect melody; it's about helping each student find their unique voice or touch on their instrument. My approach? Encourage creativity, nurture individuality, and make both singing and playing a heartfelt experience. In my classes, we're not just learning songs or compositions; we're learning how to express ourselves and connect with others through music. Whether it's a choir performance, a string ensemble, or a solo, I'm right there with them, sharing the joy of music. That's what teaching is all about for me."

Fun Fact #1 — Singing isn't just my job; it's my hobby too! I've even competed internationally. Whether I'm on stage or relaxing at home, you can bet I'm probably singing a tune or working on a harmony. It's just part of who I am!

Fun Fact #2 — I'm a lifelong dog lover! Big dogs, small dogs, even fast ones like greyhounds—I've had them all. Right now, I have a 3 year old Springer Spaniel named Keeva, and she's the joy of my life.

Fun Fact #3 — You know what really lights up my life? My family! I've got a daughter who gave me two amazing grandkids and a son who gave me two more amazing grandkids. Being a dad and granddad is the best gig ever.

I choose to work at NOVA because working with students at this age is particularly rewarding. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn make every teaching moment a potential turning point in their educational journey. What truly set NOVA apart when I was considering part-time positions was its commitment to holistic education and the freedom it gives educators to innovate. Here, I can apply my specialized skills in voice and strings instruction to offer students a well-rounded education that they might not receive elsewhere.

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